The instructors present the information in a real life manner and make it their job to ensure your understanding and success throughout the program.

AAES is one of the best schools I have attended.
Kate Burlison, 122P

AAES provided me with a great education in both the classroom and in the field.

I felt more prepared and confident to work as a paramedic.
David Jordan, 112P

The instructors are very knowledgeable and were always there to help me through it all.

This paramedic program is awesome!
Troy Vance, 112P

As a retired law enforcement officer, I found the level of classroom instruction to be extraordinary, and the skill development beyond expectation.

I wouldn't go anywhere else.
George Guariglio, 125E

If you want to get a more complete and knowledgeable education, I would highly recommend this program.

You will get more experience here than any other school.
Michael Orr, 125E

I felt like I was getting a better education here than most other schools.

Great school. Great teaching.
Paul Friend, 125E

AAES has a great program taught by many experienced and professional individuals.

This program provided the needed information and more.
Megan Jacobson, 125E

The knowledgeable teachers and extra clinical hours made the program far better than any community college program.

I had an amazing experience at AAES.
Chelsey Allen, 125E

Every one of our instructors were accessible after hours when I needed extra help.

The support system here is better than anywhere else.
Jay Nelson, 121P

The staff are always very friendly and encouraging. I am looking forward to returning to AAES for future courses.

I feel I have been provided an excellent education.
Pascelle Mimnaugh, 112P