Privacy Policy


Privacy can be an important matter. Consider reading the below information for your reference on some of the items which may be related to your privacy.


This website MAY use cookies which collect information about your visit (Basic information used for statistical purposes such as where you came from, your country, and the operating system running on your computer). When collected in large amounts, this information can help with determining what websites visitors to this website are coming from and what country or operating system most of the visitors of this website use.

Collection of Personal Information

As a responsible service provider, has a privacy policy that ensures your privacy. We do not sell, exchange, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding any client or user to any third party.

When you register for our services, we DO NOT put you on our mailing list unless you expressly indicated so by requesting us to “Add to mailing list” in your message.

Your service commentaries and testimonials are very important to us. We may share some of these on our site or newsletter for the benefit of other users. Full acknowledgement of your comments will be given without any reference to personally identifiable information and points of contact. If you have further questions about our privacy policy, or have any other comments on how our service can be improved, please do not hesitate to e-mail using Contact Us form.

Future Updates to this Policy

This privacy policy may be updated in the future.