Quality vs Quantity

Faster Is Not Always Better

The allure of accelerated programs is exciting.   Many students look to finish school as quickly as possible in order to start a new job or a new career.  You have bills to pay.  You don’t want to sit in another class for an entire semester.  You can’t stand your current job.  I get it.

But is it the right choice?

Just because you CAN attend an EMT class over 3 or 4 weeks, doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD.  When the educational standards are increasing by the day, it is more important than ever to be a competent and safe healthcare provider.

Would you want a doctor to take care of you that finished medical school in 1 year?

Invest in yourself and your future by not rushing through school.  If you don’t have a strong background in medical terminology and anatomy & physiology, then you should really consider a longer program to give you the time you’ll need to succeed.

6 years ago we extended our EMT Program from 9 weeks to 12 weeks and saw a dramatic spike up in student retention, competency, and overall satisfaction.  If your accelerated class starts with 24 students and ends with 4, there’s a BIG problem.

Don’t sacrifice your long-term success for a short-term fix. 

Quality is key.