AAES Programs

From EMT’s to Physicians, you’ll find a class for any level of Healthcare provider at Arizona Academy of Emergency Services. By enrolling in a course at AAES, you’ve taken the first step to bettering yourself and the lives of your patients. Through our continual remediation, hands on education, and real life experience, we will lay the foundation for your new career and be the building blocks as you advance your training. Meet the Faculty Contact Us

Arizona EMT Patch EMT Program

Becoming an EMT is the first step for many entering the medical field, ambulance services, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals are just a few of the options available for the Certified EMT. Our curriculum is designed to bring you from layperson to healthcare provider in just 12 weeks. Through extensive hands on training and clinical rotations in local emergency rooms, our program has achieved among the highest NREMT first time pass rate in the state of Arizona.

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Arizona Paramedic Patch Paramedic Program

The Certified Paramedic is the highest level of certification in the pre-hospital setting. Our intensive 14 month program builds on the skills learned as an EMT, and develops a comprehensive understanding of emergency medicine. Through partnerships with some of Arizona’s busiest fire departments, ambulance services, and hospitals, our students utilize knowledge learned in the classroom to gain invaluable experience working alongside active healthcare providers.

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AAES Icon Continuing Education

Our expansive list of continuing education courses is ideal for any level of healthcare provider looking to recertify or diversify their resume. From AHA to NAEMT, you will find all of the industry standards as well as courses designed to prepare you for new career opportunities. Customize your continuing education experience by bundling classes, or participate in one of our Refresher programs. You will learn the newest guidelines and hone your skills in all of our continuing education courses.

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AAES Icon Continue Your Education

AAES is proud to have articulation agreements with Columbia Southern University and Waldorf College for graduates to continue their education.

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