EMT Program


Take the first step to an exciting new career today! Our 12 week EMT course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to become excellent healthcare providers. Having an EMT certification can be the stepping stone to a career in many areas of healthcare. Students learn about anatomy & physiology, CPR, splinting & bandaging, patient assessments, and much more! Are you ready to make a difference and be prepared to save a life?



                                         2022 EMT CLASS SCHEDULE

LocationStart DateEnd DateClass DaysClass TimesEnroll
Mesa5/24/228/11/22Tuesdays & Thursdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria5/24/228/11/22Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa6/18/229/11/22Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria6/18/229/11/22Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa7/25/2210/12/22Mondays & Wednesdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria8/13/2210/30/22Saturdays & Sundays 9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa8/13/2210/30/22Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa8/23/2211/10/22Tuesdays & Thursdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria8/23/2211/10/22Tuesdays & Thursdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa9/17/2212/11/22Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria9/17/2212/11/22Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa10/24/222/1/23Mondays & Wednesdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria11/12/222/19/23Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa11/12/222/19/23Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa11/29/223/2/23Tuesdays & Thursdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria11/29/223/2/23Tuesdays & Thursdays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Mesa12/10/223/12/23Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today
Peoria12/10/223/12/23Saturdays & Sundays9am - 5pmEnroll Today


♦  Fun and Inviting Atmosphere!!

♦  Low Tuition Costs!!

♦  Interest Free Payment Plans – No financing required!!

♦  Lots of hands on skills practice in class!!

♦  CPR certification included in the class!!

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our clients say

The instructors are very knowledgeable and were always there to help me through it all.This paramedic program is awesome!

Troy Vance, 112P